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Daily Specials - Thursday, May 25, 2017

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Hot Specials

Mojo Chicken :
All natural, range fed, sliced chicken breast with light, shredded jack cheese, salsa, seared tomato, ripe avocado and fresh organic arugula, wrapped in a fresh whole grain tortilla. — $8.95

Mad Madina:
Bruckner's famous blackened chicken in a fresh flour tortilla with a dash of red pepper mayo, cheddar cheese, crisp romaine hearts, ripe tomato & avocado with just a few crispy potatoes — $8.95

Cold Specials

Fresh, nitrate free oven roasted turkey, crisp bacon bits, a dash of our fresh house cole slaw & cranberry relish, organic mescalin greens and tomato in a fresh whole wheat tortilla — $8.95

Bruckners all natural, oven fresh, lean roast beef, fire roasted red peppers,organic arugula, ripe tomato, salt, pepper & sharp Vermont cheddar, with our dijonaise mustard dressing in a fresh whole wheat tortilla — $8.95

Salad Specials

Desert Delight:
Bruckner's fresh house salad topped with a free range Southwestern Chicken Salad, avocado and a dash of chevre cheese — $10.99 sm/$12.99 lg

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